3 Steps to Signing Your Next Aligned Client

A High Vibe VA Masterclass

Treat Your VA Business Like A REAL Business

When I look around the internetlands, l see programs that treat VAs like they are not legit businesses…like supporting another business doesn't count and VAs can't reach 5k, 10k, or beyond months. Like the typical things that are taught to business owners don't need to be taught to VAs. I experienced this myself when I started out as a VA.    

I am here to change that.  


Take the first step with this amazing masterclass where I  give you everything you need to sign your next ALIGNED client.

What you walk away with...

In this 90-minute masterclass you will:

* Have complete confidence and know-how to attract your next aligned client
* Receive a step by step "how-to" PDF
* Bonus! "Rock Your Discovery Calls" PDF Guide + 1 hr 30 minutes of video lessons
* Lifetime access to this masterclass

Andrea Elibero

About Your Guide

Hi! I’m Andrea Elibero, a business embodiment coach & scaling strategist for soulpreneurs.

I am fiercely passionate about empowering soulpreneurs to intentionally create & scale mission-driven businesses that both celebrate their unique magic and support their dream life through embodiment, coaching, strategy, & implementation so they can live the aligned laptop lifestyle of their dreams.

My path has taken me from therapist to nurse to fulfilling my desire for freedom and embarking on my entrepreneurial journey in 2019. I replaced my >$70k 9-5 income in 5 months as a virtual assistant. A few months later, I grew into a virtual assistant agency, and soon after, I expanded to a certified online business manager. My journey culminated as a business coach & scaling strategist.

My passion is working with soulpreneurs to help them scale their businesses in an intentional way so it supports their life and not the other way around.

When I am not doing that, I keep myself busy by adapting to my new life abroad (I moved from Miami to Spain in 2022), teaching my dogs to bark in Spanish, having lots of travel adventures, and practicing pilates & yoga.

Christina Schriener

Virtual Assistant

Your knowledge is insurmountable!  Whoa! I am beyond thankful for your professional guidance and support!

Course Pricing

  • Aligned Client Masterclass
  • $47 USD

    3 Steps to Signing Your Next Aligned Client

    Let's Do This!
  • Confidence in attracting your next aligned client
  • A step by step "how-to" PDF
  • Bonus! "Rock Your Discovery Calls" PDF Guide